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The hotel's spa area offers high-quality services  for guests
for health and relaxation!

(Open every day from 08:30 to 22:00)




Enjoy swimming in our pool with clean water. Pool water without chlorine. Liquid oxygen cleaning and ultraviolet cleaning  safest nowadays. The water temperature in the pool is 28 ° C. In your room you will find a bag and a bathrobe, which are suitable for visiting the SPA-zone. Towels and special slippers will be provided to you in the SPA zone.

After visiting the pool, for a complete relaxation, we recommend relaxing with a massage that is right for you.



Dry bath with low humidity and high temperature from 80 ° to 90 ° C. Finnish sauna has a favorable effect on the skin, tones up, improves skin condition; improves metabolism, calms the nervous system and restores energy. We recommend to enjoy bath rituals and to feel the different taste of the bath.

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Pleasant sensations in the jacuzzi - massage and relaxation. Enjoy these delights directly in the fresh air. Especially recommend for a couple - feel the romance in the fresh air.



This is a new direction for recovery of the body. Today, shungite is the most powerful mineral on earth in terms of living energy content. Shungite does not cure only one organ, it gives additional living energy to the entire human body, and the body uses this energy, directing it to weakened and sick places for cure. Rest and relax on a sunbed in the Shungite room 15-20 min, enjoying fragrant tea.



On request

Removes physical and mental fatigue, restores the robot-ability of the body, improves mood. Favorably stimulates the state of inner peace, helps to relax the muscles and promotes healthy sleep.

60 min. / € 65

90 min. / € 80
Reservations +371 25606066



On request

Massage the whole body, stimulates complete relaxation and balances the state of mind. It tones up the muscles and stabilizes the metabolism and the functioning of the lymph nodes.
60 min. / € 75

90 min. / € 85
Reservations +371 25606066



On request

Favorably stimulates the state of inner peace, helps to relax the muscles. Improves blood circulation and increases the work of the immune system.
80 min. / € 80 
Reservations +371 25606066


On request

We offer to enjoy the romantic atmosphere for two, in our romantic room with a double bath. The atmosphere of romance is just for you.


On request

Particularly gentle and gentle massage for moms. Delicate massage of hands, feet and head - only pleasure, rest and pleasant sensations.
60 min. / € 70 
Reservations +371 25606066


On request

Massage for children is an effective prevention and treatment of various diseases. Pamper your child with a gentle massage that calms the nervous system and improves sleep.

3 to 5 years old       20 min. / € 25

6 to 10 years old     30 min. / € 30

11 to 14 years old   40 min. / € 35
Reservation +371 25606066


Pamper yourself with one of the varieties of bath ritual. Traditional ritual with oak brooms or fragrant brooms of seasonal herbs from bird cherry, lilac idr. At the same time, the ritual can be performed for 1-3 persons.