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Amatciems is a magnificent residential place near nature, where the environment is alternating with the expanses of pristine nature. Uncommon Amatciems is located in the Amata region. On small hills and valleys there are modern wooden houses and cottages that radiate special warmth. The houses of the village have no fences - they are beautifully separated by carefully planned plantations and a diverse land relief.

For travelers who are not frightened by the differences in the relief. The stream winds along the lower and upper parts of its valley, so in places it is necessary to overcome more than 40-meter height difference. This route can be considered geotouristic, as it introduces the outcrops of dolomite and sandstone of the Devonian period in the ancient valley of Amata.

The magic cliff and its enchanting surroundings will be opened by ancient legends and interesting secrets about the plant kingdom! The cliff of Zvartes is one of the most picturesque sandstone outcrops on the banks of the Amata River and in the entire Gauja National Park. He comfortably settled in the bend of the surrounding forests and meadows. The cliff and its environs are truly a fascinating place where you can get inspiration from the magical, pristine and mysterious power of nature.

Unfreezing spring in the ancient valley of the river Gauja - they say, it has healing power. The holy spring is located in an ancient cave on the slope of a picturesque natural park. Going down the ravine, you can see how from the channel, bounded by ancient sandstone rocks, a cold stream of water flows. Water flows and whispers - clear and sweet. Knowledgeable people say that she has a healing power.

In the medieval castle of Cēsis you can make a journey into the past, bypassing the historical structure and trying yourself in the activities and entertainments of the ancient inhabitants. The medieval castle in Cēsis was once the main castle of the Livonian Order, in which the Livonian noblemen made important decisions where the master of the order lived, and also The castle was used as a place of confinement for high-ranking officials and prisoners of war.

The bunker impresses with its authentic attributes and fascinating historical tales. The Soviet secret bunker in Ligatne is located in the territory of the rehabilitation center "Līgatne" at a depth of nine meters underground. It was built in the 1980s so that the government elite could live there in the event of a nuclear war threat. Thus, the bunker was equipped with the most advanced for that time household items and apparatus, necessary in cases of disaster.

The oldest brewery in Northern Europe is now the home of art exhibitions. The foamy wine, so much loved by the Latvians and constantly being praised in folk songs, was brewed in the medieval castle of Cēsis since 1590. The brewery was built in 1878, and its first owner became Count Emmanuel von Sivers, the owner of the Cesis castle estate.

One of the oldest and greatest sacred religious buildings in Latvia, from whose tower you can admire the panorama of Cesis. The church of St. Jānis is one of the oldest medieval architectural monuments and one of the oldest sacral buildings in Latvia. In the church you can also see an impressive organ that is one from the largest historical concert organs of Latvia, and the altar picture created by the outstanding artist Johann Koehler.

Overcoming obstacles, you will receive new memories filled with unusual feelings. Moving from one obstacle area to another, you can touch the trunks of mighty trees and feel their strength, accumulated for years. Also here you can admire the magnificent and inspiring views of the ancient valley of the river Gauja, deftly navigating the cable ways high above the ground. Feel pleasant excitement in front of every new section of the obstacle course and unforgettable joy after its successful overcoming.

"Z (in) oo" is the most modern and largest scientific center in Latvia, which is located in Cesis. It has more than 200 exhibits. In the scientific center "Z (in) oo" it is possible to see with enthusiasm how the laws of physics and nature, and different technologies work. The scientific center will be interesting for both children and adults. In "Z (in) oo" everyone can feel himself as a researcher and an experimenter. Joy and enthusiasm are born every visitor to the center.

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